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School Year 2016-2017 6eB           6eF  4eD 3eE      3eF
Homework révision test 4/11
Description physique quiz
the superhero
Révision Présent simple
Games : shopping !!
Dates and ordinals
Révision : test Routine
Révision : test ¨Preterit"
révision test 1
révision crime / 2 preterits
the Blog ! Hugo To Britain
Webquest British Schools
Webquest CANADA
New York video and questions  here
Flatmates : videos

The US Elections : interesting videos      
The keys to the election
Trump   Clinton   10 things you should know

GRAMMAR STOP  le Present Perfect + livre p144

EPI Suicide in the trenches
-Analysis and comparison with "All Quiet on the Western Front"
-Poem read by S Graham
-Pete Doherty version

13 Reasons Why

   RESOURCES :                 English/French dictionary : Tv5 or WordReference               Encyclopedia : Wikipedia
  Voice recorder :
   Practise: Vocabular and Grammar
                The irregular verbs : practise !!!  1-4ème/3ème's school list          2-Get ready    3-Exercises   4-A game for 2 people
                Vocabulary 1-Different themes      2-More         3- 6ème special  
                Grammar : lessons and exercises 
                Do games on the Big Challenge website
  Pronunciation     1-Get some help with a robot                      2-Exercises   here

  Fun activities
                the British Council website
              Do you feel like chatting in English ?
              Practise your English with your favourite songs !
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